FMC Membership Registration

Many State Associations have a partnership with FMC that provides free FMC memberships to their members. The bottom of our Join page has a list of those State Partners.

If you are joining or renewing a State Partner membership, please contact to add your organization's members after submitting this form. 

Please select your membership level below. 

FMC Memberships auto-renew each year.


Create an Account

You must create an account to access your FMC membership benefits. Your log in name should be a unique email address that will stay with your organization, as opposed to a personal email address. This will help your organization stay connected with FMC through staff changes. Using an email address as a username is required to access some FMC benefits, such as Farmers Market Metrics.

If you are a member of a State Partner Organization and are accessing your free FMC membership, enter the organization below. You will be prompted with the coupon code on the next page. You must also fill out the following fields if you are a State Partner Organization. If neither applies, please leave blank. 

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